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Postcode Finder is a free UK service for looking up postcodes for addresses in the United Kingdom. The UK has a very accurate and easy address system. The postal codes utilised as a part of the United Kingdom are regarded as postcodes. They are alphanumeric and were presented by the GPO (Royal Mail) over a 15-year period from 11 October 1959 to 1974. A full postcode is reputed to be a "postcode unit" and normally relates to a confined number of locations or a specific expansive conveyance point.

Postcodes have been took in for an extensive variety of purposes notwithstanding supporting the robotised sorting of the mail; and are utilised to figure protection premiums, designate goals in track arranging programming, structure postcode posses, and are utilised as the most reduced level of total in enumeration identification. Postcode information is archived, supported and intermittently redesigned in the Postcode Address File database, on top of the full address information for around 29 million conveyance points.

A prior arrangement of postal areas was achieved in London and other great urban areas from 1857. In London this framework was refined in 1917 to incorporate numbered subdivisions, augmenting to the other urban communities in 1934. The proposed previous regions were later joined into the national postcode framework.

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